The development team has spent the past six months creating the best possible experience for RTextTools users. A few months into development, we heard about a new IDE called RStudio, which has one of the cleanest interfaces to R we've seen. It integrates many R tools (graphing, file management, workspace management, tabbed source editor, and more) into a single, customizable interface.

Most of the development for RTextTools happens right in RStudio, as does lots of the user testing. We've found it not only runs more smoothly, but also lets us easily import and view the datasets we'll be working with. And the best part? It's free, open-source, and cross-platform.
Aanchal Maheshwari
1/13/2014 15:17:52

RTextTools is not working with Rstudio((for R version 3.0.2)). How should I make it work ?


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